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The Financial Sector Deepening Moçambique is a facility for financial sector development with a focus on expanding levels of inclusion.We direct our investments and insights to address constraints in the financial market, helping the diversification of Mozambique’s economy and bringing prosperity and economic resilience to Mozambique’s people. At the core of our strategy, are women, youth and the rural low-income population, as well as small businesses that lack access to appropriate and accessible financial services.We support our key stakeholders to both innovate and expand financial services, using technical expertise and targeted funding to boost their capacity and the people they serve.



FSDMoç identifies and partners with key stakeholders, offering them targeted investments and insights to unleash the potential of the financial sector to improve financial inclusion.



A dynamic financial sector offering quality services that enable resilience and economic empowerment for all Mozambicans.



Human Centered Development – We use research, evidence, data and analysis to help market actors to better understand the needs of smallholder farmers, small businesses, women, youth and rural communities.