This report is a synthesis of an assessment undertaken on the current landscape of economic opportunities and challenges for youth in Mozambique and the existing interventions to address these issues. In addition to extensive desk research and analysis of youth employment activities, the study involved multiple stakeholder interviews, youth focus groups, and a stakeholder workshop, during a two-week country visit.

The report aims to capture a complete picture of youth economic opportunities in Mozambique by 1) providing an economic overview of the employment challenge and demand for financial services, 2) presenting a comprehensive analysis of the demand for and the supply of labor, and 3) identifying high-potential opportunities for youth (chapter1). It also provides an overview and map of the current youth intervention landscape and supply of financial services, as well as an assessment of key gaps fro each of the high-potential opportunities for youth (chapter2). Finally, the report sorts through the key gaps identified and proposes a way forward for YSG (Chapter 3).

Anabela Mabota