Let’s save today to fulfill our dreams in the future.

Written by: Denise Alves, Communication Manager of FSDMoç

World Savings Day was established on 31 October 1924 during the 1st International Congress of the Savings Bank in Milan, Italy[1]. The day was created with the aim of raising public awareness of the importance of saving for both modern economies and individuals. The main topics are focused on the importance of saving.

Nowadays, the focus of the banks that organize World Saving Day is in developing countries, where many people are not banked. In Mozambique, the celebrations of this date fall within the scope of the Financial Education Program launched by the Banco de Moçambique.

Several activities were carried out in the 11 provinces of the country in several schools during the week of October 27 to 31, 2017, for the province and city of Maputo the Banco de Moçambique in partnership with the Financial Sector Deepening Mozambique (FSDMoç) held on the 27th activities at Gwaza Muthini High School in Marracuene. The theme chosen this year was “save today to realize your dreams in the future”; About 800 students from the 8th, 9th and 10th Grades took part in the event.

The event was very lively the students sang, danced and played among them, during the event we had the demonstration of a play in which the purpose of this was to convey information to students about what is the Bank, why it is important to save and how a minors can open accounts. The messages transferred during the play would be very important for the moment that followed that was the digital game.

The digital game was developed by FSDMoç in partnership with Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM), the game is a quiz[2] game with the aim of making an valuation of the knowledge, and in this case the knowledge gained during the play that talked about themes of Banking, Savings, and the importance of saving. The students organized themselves into teams to answer the questions, to win the team had to answer all the questions correctly and in less time, at the end of the game the winners were determined and they won prizes.

According to Marla, 14, who attends the 9th class, “the event and mainly the digital game on the tablet / cell phone was very good and educational,” I enjoyed the game a lot, learned a little about saving and how I can save, I still do not do any savings but I learned that it is important and we can do many things with the money we save, when I get home I will talk to my mother and we will make a can to start collecting my money/ coins, as Moedinhas[3] said in the play ” we will save today to be able to realize our dreams in the future “, thank you for this opportunity.”

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Savings_Day

[2] Quiz is the name given to a game or mental sport in which players (individually or in teams) try to answer correctly to the questions put to them. – https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quiz

[3] Moedinhas – is the mascot of the savings day



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