The FinScope Gender Analysis aims to describe the extent to which women have access to financial services, how it differs from men and how has been changing in the past years. The analysis involves the quantification of the uptake of financial services amongst women in relation to men, describing the uptake and usage of financial services in terms of (i) the type of services access and usage per gender and (ii) the drivers and barriers of uptake and usage of financial services amongst women and men. This analysis was commissioned by FSD Moçambique, being the first FinScope in-depth gender analysis among the countries where FinScope has been conducted. FSD Moçambique intends to provide evidence-based insights to policymakers, service providers and the general development partners in their efforts to advance financial inclusion in Mozambique, taking into account gender idiosyncrasies identified in a gender qualitative research conducted in 2013.

Anabela Mabota