The signing ceremony took place on October 6, 2017 at 9:00 am at the headquarters of Banco BIG Moçambique, Av. Vladimir Lenine N. 174 Ed. Millennium Park, 11th Floor, Maputo. This Partnership Agreement between the two institutions aims to support the efforts of the Mozambique Stock Exchange in the development of the Capital Market as an alternative source of financing for Companies. In this context, starting from a Universe of 100 Mozambican Companies, it will be sought to promote the Capital Market as a source of financing and support the Companies in eventual listing and / opening of capital processes via the Exchange. During the process, companies will be identified as suitable for issuing and listing securities on the Stock Exchange, to which a roadmap will be made available for execution of the transaction. In addition, the aggregate results of the Project will be shared with all companies.

Esselina Macome, Executive Director of FSD Moçambique, said: “The partnership with BIG is part of the various initiatives that FSDMoç has been implementing with different institutions aimed at improving knowledge about the capital markets by companies, entrepreneurs and individual investors. The activity, rather than being academic, will provide an opportunity for a group of 100 pre-selected companies to be exposed to the process necessary for their admission to listing on the stock exchange, with the expectation that in the end some of these will actually be listed. For those who are not, this process is expected to serve not only to increase their knowledge about the stock market, but also as an incentive for them to work on identified gaps.

Denise Alves