Mozambique Fintech Annual Report

This Fintech Report is the first of its kind to be written in Mozambique in a collaboration between FSDMoç and the Mozambican Fintech Association.

Fintechs are companies, in most cases startups, that develop innovative technologies in the financial sector, creating disruptive services for the final consumer. In an industry strongly linked to systems, processes, paradigms and traditional brands, the multiplication and rise of these new players in the financial market means an unprecedented revolution.

In May 2018, in a partnership between Banco de Moçambique and FSDMOÇ, we registered the launch of the Regulatory Sandbox that very recently authorized the official operation, in the Mozambican market, of the first fintechs. It is a case of success in this journey and happens at a time when the 2nd edition of the Sandbox and the launch of the Innovation Hub are launched. It is expected to be a vibrant space and stage for genuine innovation with a primary focus on solving the problems of the most vulnerable strata.

Applications range from digital payment platforms / gateways, international transfer remittances, mobile wallets, payment aggregators, among others.

Cristian Bouche