The Financial Sector Deepening-Mozambique (FSDMoç) is funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA). FSDMoç’s three core objectives are to (i) improve access to financial services for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), (ii) improve access to finance for smallholder farmers and households, and (iii) create an enabling environment for financial inclusion by supporting knowledge sharing and capacity building.

FSDMoç has provided support for the development and implementation of the Roadmap for Microinsurance Development in Mozambique, with the aim to enable the demand, supply and a more dynamic and inclusive micro-insurance, promote innovation in the design and distribution of inclusive micro-insurance and improve the safety net for the low-income population. Under the implementation of the Roadmap, a design sprint session took place in March 2020, in which innovative approaches to reach this target group, through new/diversified distribution channels were pitched by insurance providers. We Berdyans’k where can i buy ivomec in south africa are dedicated to offer high quality products at the low prices. The effect of mind-body therapy during drug detox for opioid withdrawal anxiety ivermectin for dogs uk South Euclid ibs and mental health: the role of the brain in anxiety. They are caused by a Standerton ivermectin rite aid variety of bacteria including the st. The medicine is available in the form of pills, also under the ivermectin bayer tradenames cialis, revatio, kamagra, and kamagra oral jelly. The book covers it from the days of the first printing permethrin cream and oral ivermectin in treatment of scabies in 1597 to the present day. One of the pitches presented rely on retail stores.

The pilot is being implemented in nine retail stores in Maputo City and one in Tete. It aimed at providing a funeral insurance protection to low-income population that are customers of a retail store company. The product has a family funeral cover benefit with a compulsory benefit included on accidental death benefit. This is being delivered by the insurance provider’s agents placed at the partnering retail stores. The sales agents have been on the ground for about three months. The insurance provider’s sales agent is responsible for the entire selling process. They provide basic information on the product, its benefits, prices and the policy can be activated in the stores. Payments can be made in cash or bank card, since mobile money option still under discussion, and soon will be completed. Brochures and posters were developed to advertise the product. More information to be shared later.

In this context, FSDMoç aims to support a formative research to inform the market, among other elements, on the strategy and product design issues and expects that its results can inform other interventions toward inclusive insurance provision in Mozambique. It’s planned to run for three months and will be conducted in the selected retail stores in Maputo.

Therefore, FSDMoç is seeking consulting services to conduct a formative research based on the above-mentioned pilot being implemented by a Mozambican Insurance Provider. Note that this research is a result of a partnership between FSDMoç and an Insurer Provider.


The main objectives of this assignment are as follows:

  • Build knowledge and inform the industry on inclusive insurance solutions and interventions;
  • Provide a better understanding of the low-income population’s financial needs, knowledge, attitudes and uptake of microinsurance products;
  • Promote innovation in the design and delivery of microinsurance products and contribute to a more inclusive micro insurance environment.


Consultancy main tasks include:

  • Work closely with the designated insurance provider to understand the pilot strategy and gather relevant information regarding the project and on similar/peer countries experiences;
  • Conduct interviews in coordination with the insurance provider’s sales agents to get relevant information on the pilot (e.g.: retail stores agents, customers, etc.);
  • Observe and analyse the entire selling process to understand the dynamics involved, which might include among other elements a deeper understanding of customers and distribution channel; sales and claims process, as well as service; payment process, including a review of the current solution on premium collection and claims payment method;
  • Review of customer journey including customer knowledge on financial services and risks to identify and propose areas for improvement;
  • Cross-reference relevant micro-insurance related information, within the Mozambican context, and draw parallels with similar products being offered in other markets/countries; and
  • Provide recommendations in order to improve the design and delivery of microinsurance products for the low-income population.

The assignment must also assess the potential impact of Covid-19 in the decision-making process to uptake of the micro-insurance product. During the research, a special focus should also be given to gender issues.


The consultant will work directly with the FSDMoç and the Insurance Provider in developing the formative research.  It is anticipated that the promoters/sales agents from the Insurance Provider can be involved in the interviews to the customers, together with interviewers from the consultancy firm. Additionally, the consultant is expected to design and put in place a procedure, in collaboration with the insurance provider, to avoid any potential bias/interference that may disrupt the interaction between the insurance provider’s agents and customers.


In terms of reporting, the consultant will be expected to deliver the following:

Deliverables Timeline
D1 Present an initial research approach, including the workplan and proposed methodology to be used, schedule and data collection tools that guarantee the integrity and accuracy of the required information ·        Presented in the application proposal and at the kick-off meeting
D2 Submit a mid-term progress report on the survey, findings and recommendations; ·        At mid-term contracting period
D3 Prepare and submit the final research on the pilot, including recommendations for micro insurance development, as well as make one live presentation of the results. ·        At the end of the contracting period
D4 Live presentation of the final report ·        At the end of the contracting period
D5 Annex that includes pictures, data base, tools used. ·        At the end of the contracting period
D6 Exit report that the template will be provide by FSDMoç ·        At the end of the contracting period

In addition, the consultant is expected to provide written bi-weekly information on the status of the research. The final reports should be presented in both Portuguese and English.


The appointment will last four (4) months. The consultancy will be required to work in-person at the selected retail stores located in Maputo, conditioned to the compliance with all the required country Covid-19 protocols. The expected level of effort is 75 working days. The Total Financial Proposal should not exceed the equivalent of GBP (British Pounds) £ 25,000, including translation of all documents and materials into Portuguese and English.


The application must identify the core management and the assigned technical team/member, their technical expertise in sample design, statistical analysis, field work, questionnaire review, and overall project management. Core team member (s) CV must be included, as well as a description of any further resources/personnel that may be required. Other qualifications required will be as follows:

  • A research degree and relevant experience in conducting surveys to inform financial sector interventions, preferably with relevant experience on the microinsurance industry;
  • Knowledge of micro-insurance and experience in the design and delivery of market studies in the micro insurance field;
  • Expertise in consultancy and advisory related to micro insurance, having conducted market assessments with a strong data analytics component;
  • Knowledge of human centered design (HCD), know your customer (KYC) and market systems (e.g. M4A) approaches and techniques will be an advantage;
  • Good multi-cultural and interpersonal skills with experience in networking with relevant partners at all levels, such as Government, donors, private sector, NGOs, local community-based organizations, associations, etc.;
  • Proven written, analytical, presentation, reporting and computer skills;
  • Portuguese language proficiency will be a must. Knowledge of local language will be an advantage.



Interested consultants must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the assignment. The proposals must contain a maximum of 4 pages A4 (excluding CVs and accompanying company profiles) with the following information:

  • Name of company and place of business;
  • Contact information (email, cell phone, etc.);
  • A description of company’s expertise in relation to the scope, including a description of similar assignments undertaken, and evidence of their effectiveness;
  • A description of how the assignment will be performed, including proposed methodology and research approach, and indicative work plan with timeline to undertake the assignment;
  • CVs of key team members (maximum 2 pages each); and
  • A financial proposal; the costs must be inclusive of TAX and broken down into professional fees and expenses, which will incorporate travel and accommodation, if necessary.


The proposals will be evaluated against the selection criteria listed above, following a qualitative and quantitative assessment, based on the items in the table below.

Selection Criteria Weighting
Technical capabilities 40%
Proposed research methodology and workplan 35%
Budget 15%
Good command of Portuguese language 10%
TOTAL 100%


Proposals must be emailed to FSDMoç at fsdmoc@fsdmoc.com with the subject line “FIPLOP – Research on the Provision of Micro Insurance to the Low-Income”. The emails must be received by Mid-night (Maputo Time), on Monday, 1st of March of 2021.

Questions or comments should be sent to the same email address no later than Monday, 22nd of February of 2021.



All materials produced or acquired during the appointment – written, graphic, film, digital audio/video or otherwise – shall remain the property of FSDMoç unless and to the extent such rights are explicitly relinquished (in whole or in part) by FSDMOÇ in writing. FSDMoç furthermore retains the exclusive right to publish or disseminate in all languages, reports arising from such materials. In the event of early termination of the appointment or non-renewal upon its expiration, the consultant shall, if requested by FSDMoç, deliver copies of all materials and data developed with FSDMoç funds. Material developed by the consultant under the TORs may not be used without prior written approval of FSDMoç Intervention Lead.


FSDMoç staff will generally be listed as the authors of any publication or other communication that is produced as a result of the research conducted during the appointment. The consultant’s contribution in conducting any research will be acknowledged in any such publication. If in the reasonable view of the Intervention Lead, the consultant contributes significantly to the conceptualization and drafting of any documents, the consultant’s staff will be listed as co-author, along with the relevant FSDMoç staff. All knowledge and information not already within the public domain which the consultant may acquire from FSDMoç, its employees or by the assignment shall for all time and for all purposes be regarded by the consultant as strictly confidential and held in confidence and shall not be directly or indirectly disclosed by the consultant to any person whatsoever except with FSDMoç written consent. All outputs of the work, materials produced during the work, and all by-products shall remain confidential unless FSDMoç authorizes public release.


The consultants will coordinate closely with the FSDMoç Team, incluing the investment and MRM team as well as the grants manager for administrative and finance issues.  The consultant may also participate in coordination meeting with Hollard team, Israel Muchena in case is needed.

The Project’s Chief Executive (CEO) or her designee will be responsible for technical supervision and acceptance of deliverables.

Denise Alves

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